Laurie is a frequent contributor to writing publications and has spoken at many conferences and writing events. She loves sharing the knowledge she's gained from her writing, as well as from her experience in psychology and in advertising. Take a look at some of her articles. You can also see a list of the workshops she's available to give.

After The First Sale
We're not talking about the practicalities here—the questions of how (or whether) to deal with your publisher, agent, deadline and contract terms. What we're talking about here is the other part of what happens after the first sale. The emotional part.

Ten Minutes To Glory: Your Editor/Agent Pitch
If you're faced with the opportunity to pitch your work to an editor or agent at a writers' conference, here are some tips for making the most of it!

Four Methods for Interviewing Your Characters
Unless you're good at switching roles back and forth from the interviewer to the character, or have a friend standing by to serve as the interviewer, you may find it easier to let your character answer a list of questions already sitting at the top of the page. (One nice thing about characters is that they all seem to be great typists!)

Photo by Paul Markow.